Welcome to Fivaz, Ogle & Associates

Insurance & Claims Solutions

“Endeavouring to contribute to the process of transforming Insurers and underwriters covenant with the Insured, into Reality”

Our business is to assist in providing solutions in respect of Insurance Claims and other Insurance related challenges.

When disaster strikes we are able, through our skills and network of associates, to provide services and functions solely directed at solving Claims challenges and achieving, correct and equitable outcomes.

We are able to assist those entities in our Service Domain with their Claims problems, by providing hands on Claims management and Technical expertise in respect of Large and/or Complex Claims. In addition we are able to provide input, advice, assistance in respect of many other Insurance related conundrums.

Because we are a Licensed FSP we are able to provide the Advice and other Product input that Non-Licensed FSP's are precluded from providing by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 (FAIS Act).

We are also able to provide temporary Claims handling facilities, manage run-off contracts, training and claims handling audits.